“Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.” Unknown

What does this word mean? Noun: patience, the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset (Oxford Languages).

After reading this definition of patience, I can easily say that patience was not necessarily  one of my virtues, but the time and the waiting process in which the Lord had me enter, managed to forge that virtue in me.

Waiting is not easy; many experiences can be challenging and painful, and many are lost and out of focus on their life journey; especially when you look around, and the big question arises: when will it be my turn?.

Indeed, those feelings of being left behind are painful; looking at this one getting married, the other getting the promotion or the tremendous new job, and we are just sitting in the waiting room holding a promise in our hands. These feelings do not necessarily imply that we are envious of what others achieve. However, sometimes we wonder: what about me

It is good to remember that the value of a promise depends on who makes it. Unfortunately, the fulfillment of human obligations are subject to many things. An example of this would be sudden changes of mind. 

Nevertheless, God’s promises are unshakable, unchangeable, and worthy of our patience since there is no shadow of variation in Him. Yes, we can trust His heart and rely upon his character. That is why I think that a possible answer to the question posed above would be to have peace since God is indeed in control. He keeps his promises and the good work that He began in us, He has to finish; God does not leave things unfinished, He ends what He starts!

One thing is exact, and this is that God always exceeds rational expectations; He can do much more than what we ask and understand. The question is, do we have enough faith to believe that?

The Lord has not forgotten his children. But it is good to understand that the things of God work and bear the desired fruit when they happen in their time and according to God’s perfect will.

We must understand that unripe fruits do not taste good, and some may cause stomach aches if they are ingested. However, a fruit that has already gone through the process necessary to be ready for consumption is the one that truly brings all the nutrients and the flavor needed for enjoyment and nutritional purposes!

Something similar happens with the children of God; When the Lord gives a word to anybody, it is also good to wait for the fulfillment and not force things. Yes, we have to do what we can do and let God do what we can’t do, remembering that it is in His time and perfect will. It is not prudent to go out and do what God has said before the appointed time.

It is good to wait and develop the necessary maturity to face possible hardship, trials, and disappointment, and also to stand firm against people that want to discourage us and plant the wrong seeds in our hearts. 

Let us have peace that God’s timing is perfect. Let God work with us individually, knowing that the final product is going to be one of excellence. 

Ephesians 3:20

20 And to Him who can do all things much more abundantly than we ask or understand, according to the power that acts in us,

James 1: 3

3, knowing that the test of your faith produces patience.

“One moment of patience may ward off great disaster. One moment of impatience may ruin a whole life.” Chinese proverb

Blessed Journey! 

Rox 🙂


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