Prayer For Strength

You can repeat it aloud if you want; it is intentionally written in the first person.

Lord Jesus, you are great, your marvelous deeds fill me with joy, and I know that you are on my side and not against me; Father God, I receive your paternity in my life. Thank you very much; I recognize that your presence is in every corner of your creation; Lord God, you are king; let all the earth rejoice!

Lord Jesus, today I want to ask you to strengthen my spiritual life, that you also strengthen my physical body, that you help me with the tasks of daily life, Oh Lord, how I need you!

Lord, my heart trusts in you, I put my hope, you are my protector and my shield, I know I will not be ashamed.
Please give me the grace I need to live one day at a time, without haste but delay, and take from me all the weakness of spirit and body. All physical and spiritual fatigue be removed, give me the strength of the buffalo, renew me as an eagle, that the sun does not tire me by day nor the moon at night, pronounce life where the enemy has wanted to implant death and dryness. Nourish my soul with the presence of your precious Holy Spirit; may he guides me and comforts me.

Revive me with your holy fire, restore my strength, and help me love your Word because there is healing, life, and hope, and you are.

Father, I thank you because you will do it again according to your will and your eternal purposes in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.


I sincerely hope this humble prayer blesses you and that the Lord strengthens you and makes His face shine upon you. In the name of Jesus, I bless you, and I wish you an excellent day.

Blessings and happy journey!



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